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Description Price
HD-100 Hoodie, black $30  
TS-100 T-Shirt, black $20  

Specify: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large,
XX-Large, XXX-Large
Hoodies and T-Shirts come in black only


Giant Catalog with over 3000 fiberglass parts


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"Race" Door Hinge Accessories


              DH-200  Door Hinge Kit (for 2 doors)...$129.95
These hinges allow lifting the door off the hinges when opened 


DH-100  Door Latch Kit (for 2 doors)..$99.95



DH-150 Door Lever Kit (for 2 doors)...$124  


Tree Kit # TK-300.....$145.00
This kit is designed for the full wrap around front ends like the MU781, CH281, C700, V701, 55130, CH881, etc.

Latch Kit                                                    Hinge Kit

Lever Kit

All 3 Door kits (#DH-400) $340.00 
Consists of:
 DH100, latch kit
 DH150, lever kit
  DH200, hinge kit

(Total Wt. 8 lbs.) 


Window Frame Kit  $140
Part No.  WK-700
For doors without upper frame

Bend to fit your car. Consists of 8 tubes, 8 tabs and screws
(2 long tubes, 4 short, 2 short+, tabs and fasteners)

Deluxe kit contains 4 kits:

 DH100, latch kit
 DH150, lever kit
  DH200, hinge kit

WK700, Window Kit (upper frame)

DXK-4 $470.00  




dzusanim.gif (13343 bytes)Dzus Fasteners     

Springs, Circular
   Springs, Extension
  Springs, pop-up
Scoop plugs
 Scoop plugs
 Dzus fasteners
Prop Rods
Tilt Kits
Tilt Kits "for one piece Front Ends" Shipping Racer
Net ($)
TK-28 1967-68 CAMARO (For #CA-280) 1967 Camaro tilt kit UPS $124.95  
TK-55 1955 CHEV (For #55-101) 1955 Chevy tilt kit UPS $124.95  
TK-57 1957 CHEV (For #57-101) 1957 Chevy tilt kit UPS $124.95  
TK-80 1974-77 VEGA (For #V-800) UPS $124.95    
TK-10 Universal tilt kit to fit most one-piece front ends. UPS $124.95  
TK-82 82-93 S-10 one-piece front ends.1982 S-10 tilt kit UPS $124.95    
Kits for one-piece front ends are made from 7/8" steel tubing and can be bolted or fiberglassed into a one-piece front end.  Total weight of kits is 13 lbs. and size is 45"x29"x41". Kits consist of tubing, hardware, instructions and a diagram.
Springs, Pins, Dzus, Lanyards & Prop rods Racer
Net ($)
PINS 1 Set of two (2) chrome hood pins (Steel 1/2") 14.95/Set  
301 Pop-up hood spring for front latching hoods (replaces spring at front of hood) 5.00 Each Call
703 Low tension hood springs for C-100, C -128, H-128. (8-5/8" Long) 30.00 Pair  
705 Low tension hood springs for MUSTANG, FALCON and AMX. (4-3/4" Long) 30.00 Pair  
705-55 Low tension hood springs for 1955 Chevy Car Hoods (5" Long) 30.00 Pair  
706 Circular-style low tension springs for 78-87 MALIBU Hoods (ML-728,ML-701) NLA  
902 Low tension hood springs for CA-193 (67-69 Camaro Hood w/ Front Latch) 30.00 Pair  
903 Low tension hood springs for C-190, C-191, C-193 (7-3/4" Long) 30.00 Pair  
906 Circular-style low tension springs 78-87 MALIBU hood ML-791 NLA  
908 Circular-style low tension springs for 81-88 MONTE CARLO hoodsMC828,MC891 NLA  
DZUS-52 Dzus Fastener .500 & .225 spring (set of 10) 42.00 set  
DZUS-62 Dzus Fastener .600 & .225 spring (set of 10) 42.00 set  
DZUS-72 Dzus Fastener .700 & .225 spring (set of 10) 42.00 set  
DZ-5 Dzus Fastener .500 button only (1) 3.25  
DZ-6 Dzus Fastener .600 button only (1) 3.25  
DZ-7 Dzus Fastener .700 button only (1) 3.25  
DZ-225 Dzus Fastener .225 spring only (1) 1.55  
DZ-325 Dzus Fastener .325 spring only (1) 1.55  
DZ-925 Plates 2" x 1-1/2" (1/16 steel)  (set of 10) 13.00 set  
DZ-9 Plate 2" x 1-1/2" (1/16 steel) (quantity 1) 1.80  
LA-18 Hood Pin Lanyards, aircraft style 18" long 11.95 pair  
LA-24 Hood Pin Lanyards, aircraft style 24" long 14.95 pair  
LA-30 Hood Pin Lanyards, aircraft style 30" long 19.95 pair  
CA-93 Bulk aircraft cable .063 diameter 7x7 stranded 65c/ft Call to order
CR-933 Hood Prop Rod 39" long with built in swivel, black coating, adjustable length 17.95  
E-600 Rubber Edge Trim for Fiberglass. Covers edges up to 1/8" thick. Black. .340 thick x .600 wide. 1.85/ft. Call to order

706 are for medium weight hoods that bolt to hinges in the back and use hood pins in the front.   If you are using a heavier style bolt-on hood that uses the front latch, then you must have slightly stronger springs #906 (Malibu) or #908 (Monte Carlo).  Circular springs replace the original factory springs and allow the hood to stay in the raised position when opened. Circular springs are not plated but, have a rust resistance black finish.  Plating is not recommended for these high tensile type springs.
No longer available
706.jpg (4094 bytes)


Quality hood pins are a must when attaching a fiberglass hood. Inferior hold downs could allow the front of the hood to lift and cause damage to the hood. Unlimited offers a complete hood pin package that includes pins (1/2" diameter), nuts washers, clips and screws. All parts are either chrome or stainless steel. $14.95/ set pairpins.jpg (7945 bytes)




301 springs are for front latching style fiberglass hoods. This spring allows the hood to 'pop' up slightly when the latch is pulled or released. This feature allows you to 'grab' the front edge of the hood to open it. This specially designed spring is ideal for Unlimited's front latching hood. The spring easily bolts to the existing 'pop' up spring location on the radiator support or on the hood itself. Original factory pop up is too strong for fiberglass hoods. $5.00 (includes mounting hardware)

 301.jpg (1716 bytes)



Springs are available for most hoods. All springs feature full plating for proper rust protection. End loops  are extended   on the 703 and 903 to fit the 70-81 Camaro hinges. All fiberglass hoods that attach to hinges must use low tension springs or no springs (prop rod must then be used). The standard hinge springs cannot be used with a fiberglass hood, which have a much lower weight and require a matching hinge spring. Unlimited offers a range of low tension springs that are specially designed for our lightweight hoods. When ordering springs, please specify make and model of car. If you are ordering a hood and springs, we will always ship the proper springs for the hood ordered. Original springs can be removed with vise grips or by heating. Low tension springs can be easily installed with standard pliers, and the fit to  the stock hinges. $30.00 /pair

The short ones fit most early Mustangs and also 55,56,57 Chevys

DZUS Fasteners. These are the "Quarter Turn" style. The retainer "Spring" (.225 or .325) is bolted or riveted to the "Mounting Plate". The "Button Assembly" consists of a button, spring and "Flange Plate" all in one. The "Flange Plate" (part of the button assembly) is pop riveted to the top side of the body panel. Different lengths of "Button Assemblies" are available to accommodate different thickness of body panels.
Dzus Fasteners (1/4 Turn)
Dzus fastener sets consist of 10 buttons (button & retainer) and ten springs (.225 springs).$42.00/set

dz-625.jpg (4948 bytes)

        dzusopt.gif (2849 bytes)
Mounting plates
Mounting plates are designed to be welded to chassis or frame. "Spring" is pop riveted or bolted to mounting plate.$13.00/set

dz-925a.jpg (4129 bytes)

These hood pin lanyards are aircraft quality and strength. Ends are fully pressure crimped for strength. Operational end can swivel in two directions. Cables are stranded high strength aircraft cable with plastic covering.
Main use: Front hood pin lanyards (attach to hood pins and radiator support). These can keep the hood on if pin comes loose or fails.
Other uses: Body panel pin lanyards; Door travel limiters; Trunk lid opening limit cable.

lany.jpg (2762 bytes) 18" $11.95  / pair
 24" $14.95 / pair
 30" $19.95 / pair
 Almost any length available, please call for quote

7x7 stainless steel cable .063 (1/16 diameter) with clear vinyl plastic covering. .093 diameter covered, .063 bare
270 lb break strength 304 stainless steel.
Bulk pricing 65c per foot

E-600 Edge Trim, rubber, black. For fiberglass edges up to 1/8" thick.
.600 wide x .340 thick. Covers edge of .460 deep.


Prop Rods
CR-933 overall length is 39". Made from 5/16" diameter steel rod. For use in applications where hoods cannot use hinge springs.
Fully protected for corrosion resistance, comes with 1" swivel attached to the base for bolting to the radiator support. Upper end has adjustable collar (not shown) for inserting into hood slot. This rod can be used on almost any hood in place hood springs.
Fits almost any hood, but designed for hoods that originally did not have hood springs like mini-trucks and smaller cars.

prop.jpg (8296 bytes)MR-901    $17.95
CR-933     $17.95
Front latch style hoods have provision for latching the front down just like the original.
Front latching hoods cost more because they have extra steel reinforcements made into them.
The other style (pin down) uses racing type hood pins to hold down the front. These cannot be converted to a latching style.
You must drill holes in the front area of the hood for the pins, the pins attach to the radiator core support.
Both styles (latching and pin type) bolt to the original hinges in the rear. Bolts are included. Hood hinge springs must be removed and replaced with our low tension springs or a prop rod.

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