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Acadian Canso, Invader & Wagon

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Acadian info: Acadians were a GM product and exported to Canada. They were sold through Pontiac dealers in Canada. The title to these cars said "Pontiac" but these cars were not a Pontiac. The words "Pontiac" appeared on the title because the DMV did not recognize the name Acadian. The Acadians were largely identical to the Chevy II Novas. Almost all parts interchanged except insignias, emblems, some moldings, tail lights, rear bumper (due to back up lights) and a few other items.

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1966 The big year for Acadian. The year Acadian has taken on an exiting new personality. It’s lower and wider. Interiors are roomier, more comfortable. Luxury abounds. All six models in the three series present exiting new styling and bold new performance. Take a look at the Canso Sport Deluxe Coupe pictured here. You’ll find low cost driving at it’s best in this one. The Canso Sport Deluxe Coupe comes fully equipped with everything from a pair of hip hugging Strato bucket seats to wall–to–wall deep pile carpeting.

Acadian performance is really big news this year. Besides the standard 120 hp economy six, there are two V8’s available, the standard 195 hp, 283 cubic inch V8 and the big-muscle, extra cost 327 cubic inch 350 hp V8. The standard transmission is the new, fully synchronized, 3 speed manual, and at modest extra cost with the V8’s, the 4-speed, fully synchronized manual is available. The famous Powerglide automatic is optional at extra cost with either the 120 hp six or the 195 hp V8.


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BODY: Body-by-Fisher, rugged one-piece Unisteel construction. Body structure treated throughout for corrosion resistance. Galvanized rocker panels are water-washed and air-dried from High Level air intake on cowl. Air flow and controlled amounts of rain water flush out rocker panels, remove dirt which might lead to corrosion. Two-key locking system; push-button outside door handles. Front ashtrays. Magic-Mirror finish in 18 solid colors.

120-HP ECONOFLAME 6; 194 cu.-in. displacement, compression ratio 8.5:1. Uses regular fuel.

195-HP ECONOFLAME V8; 283 cu.-in. displacement, compression ratio 9.25:1. V8 performance and high economy. A full-flow oil "filter, positive crankcase ventilation and an oil-wetted paper element air cleaner are other features. Two-barrel carburetion.

350-HP SUPER ECONOFLAME V8; 327 cu.-in. displacement. The compression ratio is 11.0:1, carburetion 4-barrels.. Hydraulic valve lifters are standard on the 327 V8.

CHASSIS SUSPENSION: Coil spring front suspension, Acadian's unique single leaf Mono-Plate at the rear. Front suspension features anti-dive feature. Rubber bushings are used extensively in Acadian's suspension for silence and elimination of grease points.

TRANSMISSION: New 3-Speed fully synchronized transmission standard on all engines.

POWERGLlDE: 2-Speed, 3 element unit with steering column control. Console-mounted floor shift standard on the Canso Sport Deluxe.

4.:SPEED FULLY SYNCHRONIZED: An optional-at-extra cost-choice with the 283 and 327 V8's.

WHEELS AND TIRES: Acadians for '66 are equipped with 13-inch wheels. For specific details on tire sizes, appearance features and availability with car models, see your Acadian dealer.

BRAKES: 9.5" drums, self-adjusting for wear, hydraulic with bonded linings.

STEERING: Precision ball-race gear, overall ratio 25.4:1.

REAR AXLE: Rugged Salisbury-type with hypoid gears, semi-floating. Ratio is tailored to power team selected.

ELECTRICAL: 12-volt system with Delcotron generator, output is 9/37 amperes. Batteries are 44-amp.-hr. capacity, 54 plates, (Standard on 6 and 283 V8); and 61-amp.-hr. capacity, 66 plates (Standard! on 327 V8).

FUEL CAPACITY: 13% gallons, rear-mounted tank, side filler inlet.

DIMENSIONS: Wheelbase, 110": Front and rear tread all models, exc. wagons, 56.8" and 56.3 ". Wagons-front56.3, rear 55.8. Overall lengths, all models, exc. wagons, 183.0". Wagons-187.4. Width, all models, 71.3". Height, Sport Deluxe Coupe, 53.8 ". Sport Coupe, 52.8 ". Two and 4-Door Sedans, 55.1 ". Station Wagon, 55.7 ".

INVADER STANDARD FEATURES: Front and rear seat belts, tasteful trim and identification, dual-spoke steering wheel with horn ring, foam-cushioned front seats, front armrests, dual padded sun visors, lockable glove compartment, centre dome light with instrument panel switch. Color-keyed pattern cloth and vinyl upholstery in Fawn, Blue or Red, vinyl headlining in all models. Black rubber floor mat. Cigarette lighter. instrument panel pad, padded sun visors, outside left-hand rear view mirror, and shatter resistant inside rear view mirror, backup lights, windshield washers, two-speed electric windshield wipers with glare resistant arms.

CLUTCH: Diaphragm spring type for 194 Six and 283 V8. CANSO ADDITIONAL FEATURES: Distinctive trim and

9.4" dia. for 194 Six. 10.0" for 283 Va. Semi-centrifugal identification. Combinations of pattern cloth and vinyl up

diaphragm spring for 327 V8, 10.4" dia. upholstery in fawn, blue or red. Vinyl headlining in all

models except Station Wagons which have all-vinyl interiors. Floor carpeting. Rear seat arm rests.

CANSO SPORT DELUXE FEATURES: Distinctive trim and identification. Bucket seats. Vinyl upholstery in fawn, bright blue, red or black. Electric clock, floor shifting console with automatic* and four speed transmissions*.

OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT*: Power steering** Power brakes * * Power tailgate window for Station Wagons. Heavy duty front and rear suspension. Posi-traction rear axle. Oversize tires. Heavy-duty clutch. Shade-Lite glass. Rear arm-rests * *. Two-tone finish * *. Push-button all-transistor radio. Heavy-duty battery. Full line of Custom Feature Accessories. Automatic transmission.

.optional at extra cost

"availability determined by either model or equipment.

Engine                Model         Transmission         Rear Axle Ratio* t
   General        Special
 Purpose       Purpose
Econoflame 194
Invader and Canso
2- and 4-Door
3-Speed 3.08:1 3.36:1
Powerglide * 3.08:1 N.A.
All Station
Wagon Models
3-Speed 3.36:1 N.A.
Powerglide * 3.36:1  
Optional *
Econoflame 283
All Models
and Series
3-Speed 3.08:1 3.36:1
4-Speed * 3.08:1 3.55:1
Powerglide * 3.08:1 N.A.
Optional *
Econoflame 327
All Models
and Series
3-Speed 3.07:1 N.A.
4-Speed 3.31:1 N.A.
*optional at extra cost  t also available in Positraction N.A. not available

Models Illustrated in this catalogue are designed and manufactured in Canada by General Motors. Illustrations do not necessarily show standard colors, materials and equipment. General Motors Products of Canada, Limited reserve the right to make changes at anytime, without notice, in prices, colors, materials, equipment, specifications and models, and also to discontinue models. This right may be exercised without incurring any responsibility with regard to cars previously sold.



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